Thank you for your interest in Bewley Software Productions, Inc.  Due to being in our Research & Development stage, we are only able to accept applicants who are willing to donate their time/content, or who will agree to defer payment for their services until the MPID system can support repayment.

This is the perfect time to join a company who will provide the next big change that affects the entire world.  BSP is a company which fosters the great ideas of our employees, in an effort to help them fulfill their dreams.  There is no shortage of work for our employees.  As projects progress through the software development life-cycle (SDL), resources will be transferred to other available projects or positions of personal interest.  Those individuals who are found to possess the necessary skills and ambition for higher positions within the company will be identified and offered positions, pay, and benefits commensurate with their experience. When the MPID system is released for public use, we are going to need to increase our employee base in leaps and bounds.

We take care of our employees, realizing that at times, God/religion, family, and health are just as important as (if not more so) than the requirements of their employment.  As resources are available, we will also give back to communities around the world who are in need, providing free or discounted tools and education in order to improve security, quality of life, peace, freedom, and the power to make dreams come true.  If this is the company you've been looking for, watch this page/site for changes in employment opportunities.

At this time, we are looking for people to fill the following positions:

Web Designer -- Provides guidance and assistance to develop clean, responsive, user interfaces.

Graphic Designers -- Develops or provides images which can be used throughout the web sites.

Content Editors -- Reviews proposed content for clarity, uniformity, unobtrusive user impact, and decreased organization liability.  Must be able to provide content which supports viewers of all ages.

Financial Analyst/Specialist -- Provides assistance to track company financial status, balancing budgets, managing donations and sponsorship resources, enforcing time reporting, issuing payroll funds, entering transactions into financial software package (currently QuickBooks), maintaining contact with other financial associates, etc.

HR Specialist -- Guides the creation of employee handbooks, procedures, and regulations for employment positions, assists financial specialists in payroll functions, and scours resumes for the perfect additions to our team.

If you believe you have the energy, experience, and ambition to support this company as we do, we ask that you please submit your resume, salary history and requirements, and a cover sheet containing your contact information, job position(s) of interest, and dates of availability to  As time permits, we will respond to those applications which appear to meet the requirements of the positions.

Thank you for your interest in Bewley Software Productions as we are... "Connecting and securing your digital world."™

Eric Bewley, CEO